Valmont Cleansing with a Facial Cleansing gel

Valmont Cleansing with a Facial Cleansing gel
Valmont Cleansing with a Facial Cleansing gel

In 1980 Didier Guillon, son of the creator of Mustela, bought the Valmont brand and decided to create cosmetics that would optimize the benefits of cures. Valmont is today in the image of its owners, Didier Guillon and his wife Sophie, that is to say a brand that promotes efficiency, innovation and aesthetics. For three decades now, Valmont has been offering exceptional care to women. At the origin of the Swiss success, cellulotherapy, while being based on the principle of biomimicry. Here, the Valmont brand presents its “Phyto-Alpin Facial Cleanser”.

the incredible freshness of Valmont Cleansing With A Gel

Valmont “Phyto-Alpin Face Cleanser” is an effective and delicate cleanser. It hydrates the skin and invigorates it. It also helps remove makeup from your complexion. Thanks to its gentle cleansing agent derived from coconut, your Valmont gel eliminates all impurities and all makeup, while respecting the natural balance of the skin. Its ginseng and green tea extracts also give it a refreshing, softening and ultra-protective action. Your Valmont gel will leave your skin feeling soft and really fresh. The skin is firmed and redensified for a long time.

How to use your Phyto-Alpin Valmont Facial Cleanser

You can use your Valmont cleanser, morning and evening. To do this, you should first moisten your face and your neck with water. Then apply your cleanser in circular motions with your fingertips. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Ideally, it is recommended to apply your “Vital Falls” tonic lotion from Valmont.

The Valmont “Phyto-Alpin Face Cleanser” gently cleanses your face with great efficiency. Its formula softens, refreshes and durably hydrates your skin.