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The secret to a radiant face: Clarins Tonic Express Makeup Remover

The secret to a radiant face: Clarins Tonic Express Makeup Remover
The secret to a radiant face: Clarins Tonic Express Makeup Remover

Restore radiance to your face with Clarins Tonic Express Makeup Remover

To preserve your skin from aging and to maintain its beauty and radiance for as long as possible, it is essential to cleanse it properly. Thus, makeup removal is an essential daily gesture, which also applies to women who do not necessarily wear makeup. It eliminates the residues of sebum, perspiration and pollution accumulated during the day, as many particles which tend to suffocate the skin. Make-up removal allows your epidermis to regenerate better during your sleep. However, for best results, you should not use a product that is too aggressive. The Facial Cleanser Clarins has been specifically designed to clean your face quickly and effectively while respecting its natural fragility.

The Tonic Express make-up remover, a leave-in make-up remover

Because today’s women are always in a hurry, they don’t necessarily have a lot of time to devote to their beauty ritual. This is why Clarins has designed a Tonic Express Make-up Remover. Unlike most makeup removers, it is a leave-in treatment that restores radiance to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and eliminates all impurities, even the most stubborn, in a single gesture. For this, it is based on a two-phase formula that overcomes all makeup, even waterproof. Therefore, Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover leaves behind a fresher and more comfortable face. It allows a facelift in a single gesture and saves a considerable amount of time. So even after a drunken evening or a tiring day,

The many natural active ingredients contained in Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover

To achieve such results, Tonic Express Makeup Remover also brings together many natural active ingredients. It does not just clean the skin, but sublimates it day by day thanks to all the expertise of Clarinsin cosmetology. In particular, it contains an anti-pollution agent particularly suited to our current urban environments. Very fine oils greatly facilitate cleansing of the skin. Moringa seed extract neutralizes the effects of pollution and detoxifies the skin. This ingredient restores your face to its original radiance. Finally, orange sap is integrated into its formula in order to refresh your face, tone it and invigorate it. Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover is a real breath of fresh air every day. It is used daily and visibly improves your skin surface in record time. Never has a makeup remover seemed so effective in such a short time while refreshing you so much!