the secret of Annayake and her Make-up Remover Sponge

Annayake Make-up Remover Sponge Make-up Remover Sponge
Annayake Make-up Remover Sponge Make-up Remover Sponge

We can say that it is love that is at the origin of the history of the Annayaké brand, since it was Mr. Suzuki who created a skin care cream for his wife in 1928. The latter is a cosmetics brand. Frenchwoman who uses Japanese know-how and who attaches great importance to plant ingredients as well as to tailor-made treatments. Annayaké is 80 years of research and tradition. The treatments are developed using avant-garde techniques at the heart of Japanese research laboratories. Here, the Annayaké brand presents its make-up removal sponge.

Annayaké Make-up Remover Sponge, its action

The Annayake make-up removal sponge is very absorbent. It gently removes all impurities and all traces of makeup. Hard when it is dry, just dampen it so that your sponge becomes soft as a caress. For a quick and easy make-up removal, think of the Japanese folding (fold it in 2 to form a triangle, put your hand on it, palm up, then fold the 3 tips towards the center of your palm).

Our tips for using the Make-up Remover Sponge, from Annayaké

After applying your make-up removing cream or make-up removing gel, run the damp make-up removing sponge all over your face to quickly and gently remove all traces of make-up. After use, wash the sponge well with soap and water.


Like all Annayaké cosmetics, the make-up removal sponge is a product developed with high technology. It gently removes all traces of make-up as well as all impurities from your skin.