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The new Sisley Phyto-Lip Delight takes care of your lips

The new Sisley Phyto-Lip Delight takes care of your lips
The new Sisley Phyto-Lip Delight takes care of your lips

Sisley Phyto-Lip Delight Beautifying Lip Care, an ideal texture

The Sisley brand is a magnificent French story, a family story. Since 1976, the Ornano family has worked defending its three founding values, namely innovation, quality, and entrepreneurship. At the heart of Sisley’s success, Phyto-cosmetology. The latter consists of using natural plant extracts at the heart of beauty and cosmetic products. Each natural extract contains active ingredients which have a very specific action. The association of natural extracts makes it possible, by synergistic effect, to reinforce the action of each of these assets. Here, the Sisley brand presents Phyto-Lip Delight Lip Beautifying Soin.

Sisley Phyto-Lip Delight, the combination of skincare and makeup

Between makeup and care, Phyto-Lip Delight dresses your lips while giving them an incomparable feeling of comfort. Its melting texture will turn into oil on contact with your lips, to bring them light and beauty. Phyto-Lip Delight Lip Beautifying Care is a beautifying treatment that provides infinite softness as well as continuous hydration. Comfortable like a balm, sensory like an oil, your Sisley Beautifying Treatment is now your daily partner for quick and easy makeup. Acting as a real benefit for your lips, it will dress your smile while enhancing your complexion.

Your Sisley Beautifying Care is a product with a hybrid texture, between gel and balm. Its sensorality is reminiscent of that of a gloss. Its soft and non-sticky oil leaves like a veil of protection on your smile. Comfortable and shiny at the same time, it can be used as many times as you want. Its formula is enriched with many plant active ingredients and contains Padina pavonica extract, which helps to hydrate and plump your lips. It also contains jojoba oil, present to soften the lips. There is also shea oil which repairs and nourishes, and plum oil which increases flexibility. Finally, vitamin E protects against anti-radicals harmful to your skin. The set glides over the mouth like a real caress while enveloping it in softness and shine.

Tips for using Sisley’s Phyto-Lip Delight

Phyto-Lip Delight Sisley is easily applied using its caress applicator. Your Lip Care can be worn,
• Alone, for a naturally luminous and delicious smile,
• Under a glossy texture for maximum comfort,
• Over a lipstick to bring shine and comfort.
Your Lip Care Beautifier is available in 3 shades, “Cool, Pretty or Swett”. Lightly colored and fully transparent, your Beautifying Care will seduce you with its glossy finish and its three delicate and irresistible shades.

Between makeup and care, Phyto-Lip Delight Soin Embellisseur Lèvres Sisley presents an ideal texture for beautiful lips. Its glossy side gives you the shine you need while its make-up side features particularly pigmented colors… An Beautifying Treatment that you don’t forget to take everywhere with you!