The new Clarins SOS Primer that boosts radiance

SOS Primers White to increase radiance
SOS Primers White to increase radiance

Bring luminosity to your skin with SOS Primer Blanc from Clarins

Clarins is one of the biggest beauty brands on the planet. Its notoriety is the result of hard work and constant research. Always at the forefront of trends, this time Clarins unveils an assortment of six SOS correctors . Based on a basic principle of colorimetry, these products are available in six different colors to meet specific skin needs. Indeed, when two complementary colors are superimposed, they cancel each other out. Therefore, a green corrector will tend to erase redness, while a lilac color will be more effective on yellow and pale skin. Here it is simply a question of bringing more radiance to your skin. Clarins SOS Primer Blanc Treatment is a concentrate of luminosity.

The SOS Primer Boosts the radiance of your skin

White, the color of light and purity

White is a color with universal reach. It brings together all the light spectra of other colors, and is a symbol of purity and radiance. Moreover, when it comes to make-up, Asians swear by white, just like the nobles who once occupied the highest ranks of our society. The SOS Primer Blanc Soin aims to restore clarity to your skin and illuminate your face. With it, a dull complexion will be a distant memory, and your skin will immediately appear fresher.

Other treatments provided by Clarins

At the same time, be aware that all the correctors in the Clarins SOS Primer range benefit from the brand’s expertise in cosmetology. The SOS Primer White Treatment is therefore a very moisturizing product that provides comfort and protection for your skin for 24 hours. Although it is a very covering makeup, it does not suffocate the epidermis and lets it breathe, which is essential for its cell renewal. Finally, it contains an antipollution filter, and protects your face from the harmful effects of its environment.