The essential BB Cream Skin Perfecting by Clarins

The essential BB Cream Skin Perfecting by Clarins
The essential BB Cream Skin Perfecting by Clarins

Enhance your skin with Clarins BB Cream

The Clarins house is one of the most famous brands in the world. Today it is number one in high-end cosmetic care in Europe. Its notoriety makes the image of French beauty and elegance shine all over the world. Clarins attaches particular importance to beauty and nature. Thus, most of its treatments are enriched with natural ingredients and plants. Therefore, even if Clarins has integrated the world of make-up, its love for cosmetology is reflected in each of its make-up products. Clarins BB Cream is no exception to the rule. It unifies the complexion and the epidermis while taking lasting care of them.

What is BB Cream?

In just a few years, BB Cream has become an essential beauty product. It is a tinted treatment halfway between moisturizer and foundation. A sort of hybrid, its ambition is to make the skin perfect and unify it, while transparency and without overloading. BB Cream does more than just make up the skin. It moisturizes, soothes, unifies, protects, refines its grain and camouflages imperfections. What is more, BB Cream has the property of adapting very easily to all skin tones. Its fine texture creates a kind of second skin and lets the epidermis breathe throughout the day. Unlike the foundation that is often considered too oily, BB Cream consists mainly of water. Other ingredients are then added to the latter to perfect this new generation tinted cream. It is therefore precisely at this moment that all of Clarins’ know-how comes into play.

Clarins BB Cream

The BB Cream Clarinscomes in four different colors. Thus, it comes as close as possible to the natural shade of your skin. Its fluid texture is perfect for all individuals. Clarins BB Cream lightly tints the epidermis while revitalizing it. It acts as a kind of shield on a daily basis and protects the face from all external aggressions. Very light, it lets the skin breathe while offering it the best of Clarins’ expertise in cosmetology. The BB Crème Perfecting Cream enhances the radiance and suppleness of your taint day after day. Its satin finish is a real caress. Also note that Clarins BB Cream is enriched with an SPF25 sun filter. Thus, your skin will no longer have to suffer the harmful effects of UV rays. This has the property of partially preventing skin aging. Finally, Clarins BB Crème Perfecting Cream also contains kiwi, an ingredient that brings vitality and radiance to the skin, as well as katafray, a raw material that restores the water reserves of the epidermis and gives it more softness and comfort. .