Sublimage The Youth Cream by CHANEL

Sublimage The Youth Cream by CHANEL
Sublimage The Youth Cream by CHANEL

Chanel Sublimage, revealing of eternal youth

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, women have attached great importance to beauty and body care. Moreover, Cleopatra was undoubtedly one of the first women to want to sublimate her face by removing her old age wrinkles. You will understand, anti-aging care is not a modern futility. However, advances in cosmetological research in recent years have greatly improved their effectiveness. Also, among the stars of the market, the Sublimage range from Chanel is a benchmark.

Chanel’s inspiration from Africa

It is in the heart of Africa and more precisely on the island of Madagascar that the story of Sublimage cream began. Indeed, this place is undoubtedly one of the richest reserves of biodiversity on the planet. However, this is where the scientists at Chanel dug until they found the key to a unique anti-aging treatment. They discovered a legendary plant known for its multiple regeneration virtues: vanilla planifolia, more commonly known as Madagascan vanilla. Thus, the Sublimage cream by Chanel is a perfect combination of what nature created and what the house of Chanel has shaped.

The virtues of Sublimage cream

Chanel Sublimage creamdraws its source from Madagascan vanilla at the moment when its fruits offer molecules with the power of extreme regeneration. Indeed, Chanel draws the benefits of this plant at the very moment when its molecules are most concentrated. Thus, each vanilla bean is picked by hand and is processed to deliver the best of itself. In total, Sublimage cream combines 12 simultaneous actions. It deeply hydrates the skin, makes it more comfortable and protects it durably. Thus, the epidermis appears to be glowing with health. Likewise, thanks to this product, the skin regains its firmness and elasticity. The Sublimage cream then makes it possible to reduce wrinkles and redraw the contours of the face. Finally, for more perfection, age-related spots and hormonal imbalances are reduced while the grain is refined and the complexion is unified. In other words, Sublimage cream is a true concentrate of vitality, strength and perfection. Chanel then manages to capture a fleeting moment offered by nature to transform it into an eternal youth. In addition, let us also note that this cream delivers an airy texture and not absolutely pleasant to wear in all seasons.