Sisley Soft Brush

Sisley Soft Brush
Sisley Soft Brush

Phyto-cosmetology is at the heart of the Sisley brand. It consists in extracting the best from plants in order to integrate it into very high quality care . The vital energy of the plant, as well as its adaptation potential, has been put at the service of beauty, by the Sisley brand. Having become a world reference in high-end skincare, Sisley now offers a wide range of products for the face and body, from moisturizers to serum, including self-tanner, slimming treatments and accessories. Here, the Sisley brand presents “Sisley Brosse Douce”.

The benefits of the Sisley soft brush that boosts your care

Sisley “Soft Brush” is a soft brush for the face and neck. This wonderful little accessory increases the beneficial effects of your water-based cleansers. The Sisley “Soft Brush”has indeed been specially designed so that the beneficial effects of your cleansing and foaming treatments are boosted, while respecting your skin. Your Sisley “Soft Brush” can be used daily, and allows you to dislodge all your impurities, eliminate your dead cells, and also stimulate your skin and prepare it to receive other products or your makeup. Thanks to its supple and soft bristles, your Sisley “Soft Brush” is suitable for all skin types, with the exception of reactive or acne-prone skin. The Sisley “Soft Brush” guarantees you a deep and complete cleansing, while stimulating your skin.

Sisley Soft Brush, usage tips

In order to get the best from your Sisley “Soft Brush”, it is recommended to moisten the bristles of your brush, then to soak them liberally with your water-based cleanser. Then perform light circular movements on the face, neck and décolleté. Then rinse the brush thoroughly with lukewarm water after each use. Easy to use, your white brush is very easy to store.

Sisley “Soft Brush” is a modern and innovative accessory. This small brush removes all makeup as well as impurities lodged in your face. Effective, it helps you obtain beautiful, smooth and healthy skin.