Radiance Plumping Black Rose Water Balm

Black Rose Water Balm
Black Rose Water Balm

Sisley Black Rose Water Balm: Give the best of roses to your skin!

Sisley is a great house of creation that continues to develop colossal research in the fields of beauty and skin care. In this sense, the brand has just expanded its Black Rose range with a new cream. This daily care has it all: a delicate fragrance, a unique texture and indisputable benefits on your skin. With this new product, Sisley offers you a unique sensory experience. Do not be fooled by the apparent fragility of the rose, it has clearly chosen here to deliver its full power to you!

Sisley’s black rose

Sisley Research has an overwhelming passion for the study of flowers and their biological properties. Indeed, plants have a particular affinity with the skin and make it possible to create particularly innovative and effective treatments. Sisley therefore travels the entire planet to find the best species of flowers capable of working miracles on your skin. This time, however, the brand went not far from home, in the region of Grasse, to work around the black rose, also called “Black Baccara”. This one takes its name from its petals with a very dark garnet red color and multiple black reflections. In this case, Sisley uses the black rose for its anti-free radical action.

The many advantages of the Baume-en-Eau treatment with Black Rose

The new Black Rose Water Balmis a skin cream for daily use. This combines the pleasure of a floral fragrance with extraordinary efficiency. In addition, this treatment promotes the radiance of your skin and restores rebound to your epidermis. For this, the Black Rose Water Balm contains Alkékenge chalice extract, a product with double plumping effectiveness, epidermis and dermis. This active ingredient is associated here with extract of Padina Pavonica, an ingredient that reinforces the skin’s water mattress. Likewise, to promote the natural radiance of your face, Black Rose Water Balm contains aqueous extract of black roses. This helps to instantly smooth the texture of the skin. Thus, your face will gain in radiance and your skin will reflect the light with more intensity. Likewise, this action is further enhanced by extracts of hibiscus flowers. Alpine rose extract, a product rich in antioxidants, also acts here to limit the dullness of the complexion.

The application of the Balm-en-Eau to the Black Rose

La Baume-en-Eau à la Rose Noire is a product that is used daily and which has a unique sensoriality. Its melting texture infuses the heart of the epidermis. It is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Its essential oils of rose, magnolia and geranium will also strengthen your feeling of well-being in contact with this product. The Black Rose Water Balm intensely moisturizes the skin in a single pass. Day after day, you will thus restore the elasticity of your epidermis, making it more radiant and fresher.