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Platinum Egoïste, le meilleur côté des hommes ?

Platinum Selfish, the best side of men?
Platinum Selfish, the best side of men?

Chanel reveals the best side of men with its Egoïste Platinum fragrance

Égoïste Platinum is a fragrance launched by the house of Chanel in 1993. This refined essence is perfect for active men who pay attention to their appearance. She is an alter ego with the fragrance of the house entitled more simply Egoïste and being her predecessor. Its very fresh smell is particularly appreciated and its refinement is found just as much in its bottle as in its scent. In short, it is known to be the perfume par excellence of modern dandies.

The birth of Platinum Egoists

The story of Egoïstes Platinum begins in the 80s. At that time, men’s perfumery swears by fresh waters. Also, Jacques Polge, nose of the house of Chanel decides to go against the tide . He then takes the scent of the Bois des Iles perfume and creates a variation called Bois Noir. This woody fragrance is extremely daring and has a particularly strong character. However, it does not meet with the hoped-for success. But Jacques Polge does not stop there and is convinced that he has a real olfactory jewel in his hands.

In 1990, he therefore reworked his formula again and enlisted the help of François Demachy. Both then give birth to a new perfume and decide to give it a very powerful name. This new scent will be called Egoïste. It also symbolizes the independence associated with power. Selfish is daring. It combines the strength of woody scents with a more fruity and sweet side. Then, it was only three years later, in 1993, that the house of Chanel decided to offer this essence a new variation, more floral and fresh and therefore easier to wear. This new perfume will then be called Egoïste Platinum.

Chanel imagines a smell for a brilliant man

The term Platinum composing the name of this perfume comes from an expression. Indeed, brilliant men are sometimes said to have “platinum”. They embody a masculine gender full of daring and with a temperament as assertive as it is brilliant. Égoïste Platinum is made for a free man, seductive and somewhat insolent. In short, he is selfish in the noble sense of the term. Its smell is then as bright as platinum. It is particularly virile and starts with a scent of lavender. This is then coupled with rosemary from Provence and these two ingredients form a very masculine blend. Then, the galbanun and the petitgrain bring their green freshness.

Le cœur d’Egoïstes Platinum est, quant à lui, plus aromatique. Il allie le géranium Bourbon venu de l’île de la Réunion à l’élégance de la sauge scarlée. Son fond est, en revanche, plus boisé. Il associe la virilité du vétiver à la profondeur du cèdre de l’Atlas ainsi qu’à la mousse de chêne et au labdanum. Si sa senteur a évolué par rapport à celle de son prédécesseur, son flacon, quant à lui, reste inchangé. Il est imposant et propose sa stature franche et généreuse. Son élégance est incontestable et son bouchon argenté lui confère un élan de modernité.