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No more redness with Clarins Gentle Day Cream

No more redness with Clarins Gentle Day Cream
No more redness with Clarins Gentle Day Cream

Reduce redness and irritation on your face with Clarins Gentle Day Cream

The Clarins house is today considered one of the most famous beauty brands in the world. Each of its treatments brings together multiple natural ingredients at the service of your skin. The goal of the brand is simple: to adapt to the needs of each woman to preserve their beauty as long as possible. Clarins Gentle Day Cream is aimed more specifically at all those who have sensitive skin and who quickly suffer from redness and irritation. Indeed, our skin is rarely spared by our daily life, and some faces suffer more than others. Fortunately, the Douceur Jour Cream intends to bring them a little comfort.

What are these attacks that damage our skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you have inevitably noticed that certain attacks have a tendency to weaken your face. However, even if you have normal to combination skin, know that this phenomenon affects absolutely everyone. Our environment does not spare our face, and continual attacks tend to age our skin prematurely. The water and lime it contains tend to dry out and sensitize it. The wind, meanwhile, also has a dehydrating action. It acts on the water contained in the heart of our skin cells and helps it to evaporate. UV rays, meanwhile, destroy our cells slowly. Pollution increases skin sensitivity by lodging in the pores of our epidermis. Dust covers our bodies with a whole bunch of bacteria. The cold directly attacks our skin, and it is he who is responsible for the sensations of tightness. It causes an underproduction of sebum which can quickly become uncomfortable. These effects are particularly harmful for the body but can be countered by the use of an effective and protective treatment. This is precisely the objective of the Clarins Gentle Day Cream.

The Gentle Day Cream to calm feelings of discomfort

If these attacks are particularly harmful over time, they are also very unpleasant, especially for people with sensitive skin. Clarins Gentle Day Cream acts to calm feelings of tightness. It hydrates and strengthens the epidermis by protecting it from pollution, cold, wind, sun or any other external aggression. Clarins Gentle Day Cream limits the appearance of irritation and redness. For this, it contains 90% pure plant extracts that are not aggressive for sensitive skin. Tested by dermatological controls, it does not create any risk of allergy. Its rebalancing complex refines the texture of the skin and unifies the complexion. From now on, the itching, burning sensations, and tingling will be a distant memory.Clarins Sweet Day Cream brings together green algae extract, echium seed oil, vitamin B5, white flax or christophine, all ingredients drawn from the heart of nature and recognized for their calming, repairing, hydrating and balancing powers.