New Joli Radiance Balm of the Day Clarins

New Joli Radiance Balm of the Day Clarins
New Joli Radiance Balm of the Day Clarins

Luscious and hydrated lips with Joli Baume Eclat du Jour by Clarins

The mouth is an area of ​​the body where the skin is particularly thin. However, it is very exposed to external aggressions such as UV rays, pollution or cold. This is why the lips regularly become chapped when winter comes or when the summer sun is too aggressive. It is therefore essential to use a lip balm on a daily basis to protect them and to ensure their beauty throughout the year. It is therefore in this sense that the Clarins house works to provide us with ever more attractive lip balms. Focus on the very latest Joli Baume Eclat du Jour.

The new look of the Joli Baume Eclat du Jour

Like every year, Clarins revisits its Joli Baume Eclat du Jour to give it a different appearance. Thus, the colored tubes follow one another within the brand from year to year. Last summer, there was talk of a color completely lacquered in white and dotted with multicolored circles. This time, it’s time for tender kisses. The Joli Baume Eclat du Jour is once again presented in a white lacquer dotted with fuchsia nuances. Likewise, lips embellish its entire visual. The word “Kiss”, meanwhile, is also present on its front face. Finally, its inner tube is designed in a silver metal for more modernity. Note also that everything is delivered to us in a cardboard box from forests managed in an eco-responsible way.

The visible results of Clarins balm

In terms of cosmetology, the Joli Baume Eclat du Jour contains shea oil and cocoa butter from organic farming. The latter helps to nourish and repair the lips in depth. Likewise, the hydration of the mouth is ensured by organic currant extract. This gourmet balm continuously soothes the skin and its effects are visible for more than eight hours. Better nourished, the mouth instantly appears smoother and fuller. Likewise, the color of this balm changes depending on the pH of your lips. Thus, its color becomes perfectly adapted to your body and is personalized. Finally, note that the whole is also sublimated by a gourmet peach flavor. Glamorous and appetizing result guaranteed!