New Guerlain Pore Minimizer correcting treatment

New Guerlain Pore Minimizer correcting treatment
New Guerlain Pore Minimizer correcting treatment

Refine your skin texture with Guerlain’s My Super Tips Pore Minimizer

The skin is sometimes very capricious and nature has not put us all in the same boat in this area. Some people tend to have a rather oily skin, which allows dilated pores and multiple imperfections to appear… To limit this unsightly effect, Guerlain has designed a new treatment called Pore Minimizer. Practical, nomadic and easy to apply, it fits into the My SuperTips collection. Its only ambition is to simplify the lives of women, by acting like a real hero of everyday life.

The active ingredients contained in Guerlain’s Pore Minimizer My Super Tips

The formula of Pore Minimizer My SuperTips brings together several natural active ingredients, each of which has largely proven its worth in cosmetics. Plant extracts act on sagging skin pores and stimulate their support structures. Clay is also incorporated into its formula in order to limit the production of sebum and to fight against skin dilation. Finally, zinc also acts in this sense from the inside.

The effects provided by the Pore Minimizer My Super Tips

The Pore Minimizer My Super Tips works true miracles and provides skin texture with zero blemishes. It tightens the pores instantly but its effects only increase with use. Thus, this long-lasting treatment acts on the epidermis without ever suffocating it. At the same time, it releases a fresh and light, floral and luminous fragrance, instantly evoking purity and cleanliness. In just three weeks of use, the skin texture appears finer and the face appears lifted. Thanks to the Pore Minimizer My SuperTips, pore dilation and excess sebum will be a distant memory!

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