New Filorga Lift-Structure Firming Cream

New Filorga Lift-Structure Firming Cream
New Filorga Lift-Structure Firming Cream

The Lift Structure Cream, the firming treatment from Filorga

The skin is based on a complex system and is made up of multiple cells that rest on a mattress of collagen and elastin fibers. Over time, the resistance of this support tends to weaken. This natural process is quite slow but gradually creates a certain sagging skin. Therefore, it manifests itself in the eyelids, cheeks and the oval of the face. The guidelines of your skin tend to be less well drawn. However, to limit these natural effects as much as possible, it is essential to apply a cream to your face. Good thing , the new Lift Structure Cream from Filorga responds precisely to this skin problem .

The firming effect of the Lift Structure Cream

Filorga Lift Structure Cream treats the firming of the skin. To do this, it instantly penetrates the heart of cells and strengthens their supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid. These agents allow it to tighten facial features, plump the epidermis and sculpt the volumes of your skin. At the same time, a duo of plant active ingredients stimulates the major skin components of your face to restore tone and firmness. What’s more, the Lift Structure Cream will also seduce you with its fine texture and immediate comfort.

Clinical tests established by Filorga

To prove the effectiveness of its product, Filorga has set up clinical tests. First of all, know that this Lift Structure Cream is suitable for all types of skin. Then, it has already proven its benefits, in just seven days of application. Tested on subjects of 65 years on average, it shows smoother skin up to 91%. 77% of them observed skin firming, and 73% underlined its plumping effect as well as effective facial massage. Finally, 91% say they just got better skin.

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