New Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Night Mask

New Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Night Mask
New Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Night Mask

Hydra Beauty Camellia Night Mask by Chanel, the beauty of your sleep

Your epidermis is your body’s first shield which preserves it from the environment in which you are constantly evolving. However, in the urban world in which we live, our skin tends to suffocate and become dehydrated. Day after day, it gets exhausted and becomes duller. It then tends to age prematurely. That is why it is essential to help him by providing him with sufficient care. Chanel has developed a wide range of products that help hydrate your skin with Hydra Beauty . Taking advantage of your sleep to revitalize it, the Hydra Beauty Night Mask with Camellia intends to reinforce its radiance, its youth and its hydration for as long as possible.

At night, a good time for cell regeneration

First of all, know that it is very important to apply a night care product to your skin. Indeed, during the day, your skin is very stressed. He is constantly busy struggling to cope with a hostile environment. It protects itself from multiple external aggressions. So he doesn’t have a minute of his own! On the other hand, during your sleep, it takes advantage of the calm and your rest to regenerate itself. It is therefore at this precise moment that the treatments are the most beneficial. This is why the Hydra Beauty Night Mask with Camellia was born and it is applied just before going to bed.

Hydra Beauty Night Mask, a treatment very inspired by camellia

To make this beauty product, the house of Chanel was inspired by camellia. Indeed, this resplendent flower is covered with countless droplets during the night. The latter run through its petals to help it breathe better. They provide it with hydration. Thus, in the early morning, the camellia seems fresher than ever and more resplendent. Just like this phenomenon, the Hydra Beauty Night Mask with Camellia has a creamy texture that transforms into countless water droplets that roam the surface of your skin. During your sleep, this water oxygenates your skin. When you wake up, the results are absolutely stunning!

The results obtained by the Hydra Beauty Night Mask with Camellia

Of dermatological tests were developed by Chanel to prove the effectiveness of this new treatment. The Hydra Beauty mask with Camellia allows you to obtain more rested features up to 36% as well as a more radiant complexion up to 42%. Likewise, it improves the hydration of the epidermis for 8 hours. In other words, it works during the night and then preserves the necessary water resources in the core of your cells throughout the day. Because of this, it helps the skin to cope with your surroundings without ever drying out.

How to properly apply your Chanel mask?

The Hydra Beauty Night Mask with Camellia is supplied with an applicator in the shape of camellia petals. It is applied to cleansed skin, two to three times a week, replacing your usual night cream. Avoid the area around your eyes and take the opportunity to perform a small circular massage on your skin surface, in order to boost your microcirculation. The radiance of your skin will be even more obvious!