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More beautiful and lastingly younger skin thanks to Decléor White Magnolia Rosé Cream

More beautiful and lastingly younger skin thanks to Decléor White Magnolia Rosé Cream
More beautiful and lastingly younger skin thanks to Decléor White Magnolia Rosé Cream

The Decléor brand is a real institution in the world of beauty. Since 1974, she has devoted herself body and soul to the preservation of skin youth, through ingredients of natural origin. Indeed, the brand was founded by two aromatherapists. Since then, it has been famous for its use of essential oils. At Decléor, the use of synthetic ingredients is kept to a minimum. Nature is in the spotlight and this is reflected in each of its cosmetic treatments. So, what are you waiting for to let yourself be seduced by the benefits of magnolia? Decléor preserves your skin youth thanks to its Rosé Cream with White Magnolia.

Skin aging, an inevitable phenomenon

The skin ages with age and this is inevitable. In fact, over time, the body’s water, collagen or elastin reserves are reduced. As a result, the skin surface becomes drier, less flexible and duller. In addition, the skin is also the first natural barrier that protects the body. It is therefore she who bears the brunt of environmental aggressions. Cold, wind, pollution or UV rays are all external elements that weaken it day after day. Thus, if the epidermis is not properly protected, it tends to age prematurely. Decléor White Magnolia Rose Cream precisely prevents this phenomenon and acts daily to preserve your skin beauty.

The Rosé Cream with White Magnolia, a cream as beneficial as it is pleasant

Decléor Rosé Cream with White Magnolia is used on mature skin. It is applied in small amounts every morning on clean, dry skin. Rich and creamy, this one will seduce you with its smoothness and its sweet floral scent. In addition to offering you a real moment of pleasure, the White Magnolia Rosée Cream uses the best of nature to sublimate your skin. On a daily basis, its active ingredients act in depth to firm, regenerate and plump your skin. With it, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The complexion becomes fresher. The skin is properly nourished and hydrated, which makes it more comfortable.

The natural ingredients contained in the Rosé Cream with White Magnolia

Decléor White Magnolia Rosé Cream is composed of 97% natural ingredients. As its name suggests, it contains essential oil of white magnolia, associated with ginger. These ingredients regenerate, calm, purify and detoxify the epidermis. To this is added lactic acid which promotes the elimination of dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. Thanks to it, the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin is reinforced, which makes it less vulnerable and calms redness. With the Rosé Cream with White Magnolia, forget the sensations of tightness and make way for sweetness. Jojoba, sunflower and macadamia help to intensely nourish the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, strengthens its hydration.

94% of women who tested this product said their skin became smoother in just four weeks. 88% of them believe they have found a firmer skin. 78% emphasize the extra radiance brought to their complexion.