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Le Tonique Chanel, a new Vivifying Water

Le Tonique Chanel, a new Vivifying Water
Le Tonique Chanel, a new Vivifying Water

Le Tonique, an Antipollution Vivifying Water by Chanel

Pollution is particularly harmful for the epidermis. Indeed, it tends to create oxidative stress and suffocate your skin cells. Therefore, it causes premature aging of your face. This is why, at the end of the day, it is essential to clean your skin well. Chanel understood this well and decided to make a whole range of treatments specifically designed to preserve the skin of city dwellers. We unveiled La Mousse Nettoyante a short time ago , Le Tonique also comes from this assortment. It is an Antipollution Vivifying Water with multiple benefits.

The Tonic, an Antipollution Invigorating Water to apply in the morning …

Le Tonique de Chanel is an Antipollution Vivifying Water which has been tested by ophthalmological and dermatological controls. This product is suitable for all skin types and offers several benefits. First of all, know that this treatment can be used every morning. Its fresh and soothing texture helps tone the face. The Tonique de Chanel is an ideal product to prepare your skin to face all the aggressions of everyday life.

… But also in the evening

At the same time, Le Tonique can also be used in the evening. In addition, it is a brand new product that combats pollution. Not only does it remove make-up but it frees the skin surface of all polluting particles. Hence, it offers comfort to your face and makes it more beautiful day after day. Its formula contains in particular two very powerful active ingredients. Tonique de Chanel contains blue micro algae, a raw material that protects skin cells from the stress generated by pollution. This Anti-Pollution Vivifying Water also contains salicornia extract, an active ingredient recognized for its moisturizing and fortifying action. Together, these elements take care of your face and sustainably sublimate your skin.

Treat yourself to this exceptional invigorating tonic lotion here .