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Lancôme Mousse Eclat Make-up Remover

Lancôme Mousse Eclat Make-up Remover
Lancôme Mousse Eclat Make-up Remover

Since 1935, the Lancôme brand has sublimated women and offered them high-tech treatments. On February 21, 1935, Armand Petitjean, perfumer in Paris, created his house of cosmetics and luxury products. This new brand will take the name of Lancôme, a very French sound, chosen because it recalls the name of Place Vendôme. For the record, Armand Petitjean wanted to create this company, because he “had had the opportunity to see that the French were counting less and less in the field of beauty products”. In 2015, the Lancôme brand celebrated 80 years of beauty in the presence of all its muses. Here, Lancôme unveils its “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant”.

Lancôme Mousse Eclat Cleanser, all the benefits of a mousse

Lancôme “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant Nettoyant” is a self-foaming make-up remover. It is an express clarifier. “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant” is a quick and fun make-up removal based on very fresh water, which instantly transforms into a light and airy foam, as soon as it is sprayed in the palm of your hand. This quick make-up removal will leave your skin absolutely clean and clear, while giving it a delicious sensation of freshness. Your Lancôme “Mousse Éclat Démaquillant” reinforces the make-up removing action and clarifies your complexion. Indeed, the Lancôme laboratories have introduced into your “Mousse Éclat Démaquillant” ultra effective and totally natural active ingredients, with unsuspected virtues, such as pineapple and papaya, which promote the skin’s natural exfoliation.Your “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant” is suitable for normal to combination skin. Beautiful and soothed naturally, your skin exudes health. Your “Mousse Éclat” make-up remover is contained in a 200 ml white pump bottle. The rose here is light blue in color.

Daily use of Lancôme Mousse Eclat Démaquillant

You can use your “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant” daily, morning and evening. First of all, you should moisten your face with water. Then distribute your makeup-foam remover with your fingers over your entire damp face, by light strokes from the inside to the outside, avoiding the eye area. The cleaning is done in small circular movements over your entire face, with particular emphasis on the middle area. Finally, rinse with clean water.

Lancôme “Mousse Eclat Démaquillant” is a self-foaming make-up remover. As a light and airy mousse, it removes make-up from your face by ridding it of all its impurities. Refreshed, your skin shines with beauty.