Guerlain Eye Stay Primer

Guerlain Eye Stay Primer
Guerlain Eye Stay Primer

Guerlain’s long-lasting smoothing eyeshadow primer

If we often talk about a base for the foundation, did you know that it is also essential to put the base on your eyelids before applying a powder? Indeed, the eyeshadow tends to slip into the folds of the skin and cause a disastrous result at the end of the day. To avoid this, Guerlain has therefore developed a brand new product called Eye Stay Primer.

Eye Stay Primer, the secret to successful makeup

Eye Stay Primer is a creamy eye shadow primer. The latter applies from the level of your eyelashes into the hollow of your eye and smoothes your skin. Thus, by using the Eye Stay Primer, your powder will no longer get lodged in the irregularities of your skin. What’s more, it allows the color to adhere better. Thus, thanks to Eye Stay Primer, your eye shadow and your eyeliner line will last throughout the day. Note also that this product forms an impassable barrier between the sebum of your skin and the colored pigments of your make-up. This prevents him from fading.

Eye Stay Primer, a smoothing primer that can be used alone

On the other hand, unlike the classic sliding bases, know that the Eye Stay Primer can be used alone . Indeed, its texture is enriched with mother-of-pearl. This allows it to illuminate the look and create a more alert but natural look. The Eye Stay Primer base then unifies the eyelid and opens the eyes with intensity. From then on, the magic operates and your eyes are all the more captivating!