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Guerlain Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum: take care of your eyes!

Guerlain Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum: take care of your eyes!

For more than 10 years, the Guerlain brand has been inspired by bees to design exceptional products. It must be said that the brand has always been very focused on nature, whether to design unusual fragrances or to develop beneficial skin care products. Carrying out continuous research, Guerlain is constantly producing new discoveries and ever more innovative formulas. In 2021, its Abeille Royal range is enriched by a newcomer. This is aimed at one of the most fragile areas of the body. Guerlain’s Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum intends to sublimate your gaze over the long term and preserve all its youth!

The Abeille Royal range from Guerlain: the power of honey at the service of your skin

The Guerlain house is very committed to the protection of bees. As such, she is the patron of the association of the Conservatoire de l’Abeille Noire Bretonne. Indeed, it is off the French coast, and more precisely on the Ouessant bed, in a preserved ecosystem, that Guerlain cultivates its honey. This is widely used by the brand in its BlackBee RepairTM technology. Did you know: honey is considered one of the most healing products on the planet. This is precisely why Guerlain includes it in its anti-aging products from the Abeille Royal range. Here it acts on six different mechanisms, namely firmness, tone, radiance, correction of wrinkles, fineness of the skin texture and skin smoothness. In the Eye R Repair Serum, these specificities are intended more particularly for the eye area.

Why is the gaze such a fragile area?

If Guerlain has chosen to differentiate the look from the rest of the face in this treatment, it is quite simply because it is one of the most fragile parts of the body. Indeed, on this area of ​​the face, the skin is much thinner. It is also devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, which makes it much more vulnerable to external aggressions. Never protected from cold, wind, pollution or UV rays, the gaze is continuously subjected to strain, while being attached to many muscles making it perform countless movements. Over time, all these elements weaken it and allow wrinkles to appear. To fight against the harmful effects of time, the Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum is an exceptional treatment.

The benefits of Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum

Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum is made up of 94% natural ingredients. Day after day, it offers a spectacular lifting effect to the eyes, while reducing the visibility of bags and dark circles. Thus, the gaze appears more open and the face appears more alert and younger. Over time, Honey Bee Eye R Repair Serum naturally strengthens the epidermis, brightens the skin and makes the skin surface firmer. It contains honey and royal jelly for this, used here for their tensor and decreasing polymers. Finally, there is a metallic applicator with a fresh effect. By a mechanical action, it promotes skin circulation, refreshes the eyes and amplifies the benefits of Guerlain Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum.