Focus on the new Chanel Cleansing Oil

Focus on the new Chanel Cleansing Oil
Focus on the new Chanel Cleansing Oil

Protect your skin from polluting particles thanks to Chanel Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil

Our society is constantly evolving and our lifestyles are changing. As a result, we no longer have the same beauty needs as before. Chanel has understood this well and is constantly adapting to our environment. Today, to respond to attacks linked to the urban world, Chanel has therefore designed an Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil. This Chanel cleanser and makeup remover is used daily and intends to preserve the radiance and beauty of your face for as long as possible!

The natural active ingredients present in the Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil

Like many Chanel products , Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil contains multiple raw materials of natural origin. Thus, its formula is full of blue micro algae, renowned for its very effective protection against the stress generated by pollution. The Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil also ensures to continuously hydrate your face and to fortify your skin thanks to its salicornia extract. These two active ingredients combined together ensure perfect makeup removal. What’s more, despite its oil form, this product leaves no greasy film behind.

How to properly remove make-up from your skin?

Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil is designed to remove make-up from all types of skin, even the most sensitive. It can also cleanse your eyes without any ophthalmological risk. To use it, you just need to take one or two pressures in the palm of your dry hand. Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil is applied to your dry skin. Start by massaging your face in circular motions before emulsifying everything with lukewarm water. When the cleaning seems sufficient, rinse thoroughly. Finish your beauty ritual by carefully drying your skin with light patches with a clean cloth.