Delina, the reigning perfume queen… But does she deserve the throne?

I have no clue why Delina perfume is now the most popular fragrance sold anywhere around the globe, but it certainly is. Not because I have a strong aversion to floral aromas, but more because I am unable to keep up with, or more accurately, do not grasp, the frenzy surrounding them. A year ago, I had the impression that it was a little version of paradise since everyone, both women and men, has lauded and applauded this fragrance to the highest heavens as being THE most sensual and feminine aroma that has ever been created.
It would have been a fantastic outcome if things had turned out this way.

I do not want to step on anyone’s toes or have a contentious conversation over this fragrance, but I find it quite upsetting that a bouquet can cost more than $300. Unfortunately, it has the scent of a generic designer fragrance, and the fact that it does so is particularly irritating to me given that 300 Swiss francs is surely a lot and a luxury purchase. If you like the smell of this perfume, then use it! It’s lovely to have your own baby as part of your collection, so make the most of it!

If you have a signature scent that you just like, be sure to celebrate it!

However, I would ask that you not take any of this personally.

It’s just my viewpoint and my opinion, nothing more than that.

And right now, I want to share my viewpoint and my opinion with you. I have spent a lot of time debating whether or not I should write this, but the truth is that it irritates me so deeply below the surface that I have no choice but to publish it now.

After having Delina in my possession for exactly one month and putting it through its paces (I purchased a bottle of this fragrance for myself), I feel secure enough to share my thoughts and feelings on how I think about it.

After applying this fragrance, I took a careful whiff from my wrist and was very disappointed by what I found. I looked at the blotter to check whether Delina, not Chloe or Lancome’s Idol, was the one who stepped on it. However, there was Delina listed on my blotter, so I waited for the scent to see if it developed anymore.

Now, I will try to describe this scent in as much detail and as accurately as possible.

There’s a strange feeling in the air…

When I spray this on, I can’t help but think about Chloe since the lychee note it leaves behind on my skin is identical to the one it leaves behind on Chloe. In this piece, rhubarb may be found both in the front and the background, and its presence cannot be denied.

The aroma of rhubarb is fairly sour but also incredibly invigorating.

The rose scent is what predominates throughout the full experience! It’s something I’ve stated before, but it bears repeating: if you don’t like rose-scented products, there’s no need to use this fragrance.

The rose note combines that of Idol, soapy and fresh, and that of Chloe, creamy and softly sweet. Together, these two notes create a lovely balance.

The winter months are the best time to enjoy the silky and subtly fruity beverage known as Delina (probably comes from the lychee note)

When it’s warm, the air is charming but has a very soapy smell.

It exudes a scent that is quite enticing to the senses.

It is breathtaking, ethereal, and, yes, even feminine!

BUT now I ask myself, what is the major problem? Not outrageously $300 for a rose scented candle to give out what one receives in the designer area the same, but also not even $100 for it paid/spent!

??? No, thank you very much for your interest! What do you say?

The H+S is outstanding; that is all I have to say about it now.

My experience with Delina is profoundly influenced by her appearance and scent.

At eight o’clock, H+S will be here with me.

As was said before, it is unfortunate that a simple rose scent is not only praised to the skies but also treasured at such a high price!

Delina is wonderful, but in my view, it does not provide anything new or significant and has nothing to contribute.