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Clarins Tonic Lotion Normal or Dry Skin


More than a world famous brand, the Clarins brand is the symbol of a family success, one that arouses admiration. Indeed, if the Clarins brand was born in 1954, under the leadership of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, it will develop mainly thanks to his two sons, Christian and Olivier. The Clarins brand is above all respect for women, and the desire to provide them with high quality care . A pioneer in natural beauty, the Clarins brand regularly introduces new active ingredients in cosmetology. Here, she presents her “Tonic Lotion for Normal or Dry Skin”.

Clarins, all the benefits and actions of the Normal or Dry Skin Tonic Lotion

Clarins Normal or Dry Skin Tonic Lotion is a lotion for dry or normal skin. This lotion is a gentle after-make-up remover, an essential freshness supplement. Clarins “Normal or Dry Skin Tonic Lotion” is actually the final step that will perfect your make-up removal. Result, your skin breathes, it is cleansed and fresh, ready to enjoy your day or night cream. Clarins lotion contains Bioécolia, which preserves the natural balance of the skin, Alpine herbs with softening properties, refreshing and soothing lime, chamomile with emollient and softening properties as well as vitamin A, B, E which considerably improve the quality of the skin. Therefore, Clarins lotion has many actions on your skin. First of all, it gently removes your cleansing milk, it tones your skin and wakes up the complexion. It gives your face comfort, softness, radiance and freshness. It moisturizes, softens, saturates the skin and rests the features. It facilitates makeup while promoting its outfit. Finally, it will prepare your skin to benefit as much as possible from the treatments that follow.

Clarins Tonic Lotion Normal or Dry Skin, advice for use

After using your Clarins cleansing milk, it is advisable to soak two cotton pads in Clarins tonic lotion and pass them gently over the face and neck. Do not rinse.

Fresh and ultra soft, the alcohol-free care lotion will restore your skin’s suppleness and a velvety touch after its make-up removal. The hydrating and toning action of this lotion also optimizes the effectiveness of the treatments applied thereafter. The “  Normal or Dry Skin Tonic Lotion  ” is the ideal moment after removing make-up.