Clarins’ thirst-quenching cream, daily skin care

Clarins' thirst-quenching cream, daily skin care
Clarins‘ thirst-quenching cream, daily skin care

The skin is a sensitive organ that must be protected day after day. Indeed, it is the first part of our body to have direct contact with the outside. Thus, it is she who suffers the most from daily external aggressions. It is therefore, as a result, more prone to premature aging and to visible signs of aging. Also, to overcome this, it is essential to hydrate it day after day and to maintain its water reserves at a stable level. This is why the Clarins brand has used all its expertise in cosmetology to develop a thirst-quenching cream.

The benefits of Clarins thirst quencher

The thirst-quenching cream can be used on normal to combination skin, daily and throughout the year. The latter has anti-dehydrating properties which preserve the quality of the epidermis over time. With a fine and comfortable texture, it is easy to apply and immediately penetrates the skin. Clarins’ thirst quencher provides balanced and lasting hydration, ensuring a radiant and plump complexion. It thus preserves the dry areas of your face, immediately relieving the sensations of tightness and irritation. What is more, this daily ally is very pleasant to apply in the morning due to its freshness.

The active ingredients contained in the thirst-quenching multi-hydrating cream

Clarins’ thirst-quenching multi-moisturizer contains katafray, a tree endemic to Madagascar, from arid forests and resistant to its hostile environment. The latter has been used for a very long time in traditional Malagasy medicine, especially in infusion. It is renowned for its tonic qualities and its essential oil turns out to be particularly fortifying and soothing. This plant here contributes greatly to skin hydration. Likewise, Clarins’ thirst-quenching cream contains mountain ash. This tree is famous for its buds which are very popular in gemmotherapy. Indeed, the latter contain active ingredients with very high potential which improve the quality of the circulatory system and which stimulate microcirculation. So, Clarins thirst quencher provides long-lasting protection for blood capillaries, making your complexion more radiant day after day. Clarins seems to have combined the best benefits of plants and nature to concentrate them at the heart of its skincare. Never does the earth seem to have been so protective of your natural beauty!