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Clarins SOS Comfort, the ally of tight skin

Clarins SOS Comfort, the ally of tight skin
Clarins SOS Comfort, the ally of tight skin

Clarins is one of the most recognized brands in cosmetology on the planet. It incorporates the latest discoveries in research and in terms of plants in each of its products. Thus, Clarins care is always at the forefront of recent scientific innovations. In this context, Clarins has just developed a trio of masks intended for the beauty of the face and your feeling of comfort. One of them is called Clarins SOS Comfort. This one is intended for particularly dry skin.

Clarins takes care of atopic skin

The Clarins SOS Comfort treatment is not intended for skins temporarily lacking in hydration. In fact, this mask is more for people suffering from continuously dry skin. This problem is also known as “atopic skin”. This is characterized by a permanent feeling of discomfort such as tightness, itching, a dull appearance and some roughness. Dry skin often suffers from a lack of liquid, a natural element that acts as a kind of cement between the different layers of the skin. Thus, as the epidermis is not properly sealed, it tends to lose its water more easily. This considerably alters the renewal of its cells, which makes the epidermis more fragile, dull and rougher to the touch. Furthermore, note that the lack of hydration tends to increase with age. Thus, this is a problem that should not be taken lightly. In addition, the dehydration of the epidermis contributes to accentuate skin aging. Dryness is thus responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. This is why Clarins has developed the Clarins SOS Comfort treatment.

How the Clarins SOS Comfort mask works

Clarins SOS Comfort is a nourishing balm. This acts immediately but also preserves the epidermis durably. Thus, to use regularly, this product allows to obtain convincing results. It helps nourish the skin and immediately leaves it softer, more supple and more comfortable. For this, it is full of a formula enriched with mango oil as well as butter from its kernel. Rich in fatty acids, this treatment helps protect the epidermis from dehydration. Its absorbent texture borders on butter and cream. However, this ultra rich balm doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind. Its texture is absorbent and immediately leaves a feeling of softness. For even more convincing effectiveness, Clarins recommends applying this mask after having previously exfoliated your skin. So, this will allow its natural assets to penetrate deep into your cells. In addition, to obtain visible and lasting results over time, Clarins recommends using this treatment approximately once or twice a week. From now on, the sensations of tightness will only be a distant memory. Clarins intends to make your epidermis a real baby’s skin!