Clarins Multirégénérante miracle day care for dry skin

Clarins Multirégénérante miracle day care for dry skin
Clarins Multirégénérante miracle day care for dry skin

Although not a pathology in itself, dry skin remains uncomfortable on a daily basis and often makes the complexion less radiant day after day. Also, in order to fight against this phenomenon, it is necessary to restore the lipid barrier of the skin. To do this, nothing could be simpler: just turn to one of the brands specializing in the beauty of the epidermis and demonstrating proven effectiveness for many years … You will have recognized it, one one of the most specialized houses in this sector and of incomparable renown is none other than Clarins. Of course, this one is equipped with a complete multi regenerating range , of which a treatment is more particularly turned towards the dry skins, enough to sublimate the radiance of your complexion day after day!

The extracts present in the Multiregenerating Day Cream for Dry Skin

In order to obtain optimal results, the Multiregenerating Day Cream for Dry Skincontains multiple natural active ingredients. Indeed, Clarins is a brand that always favors the use of natural products over synthetic compounds for identical results. The Multiregenerating Day Cream for Dry Skin contains organic thyme and lemon extract. These help protect the elastic fibers of the epidermis. Thus, they consolidate the dermal architecture and the suppleness of the skin. Organic green banana extract also completes this composition and strengthens its concentration of collagen fibers. Thus, this product makes it possible to better connect the cells of the dermis to each other. Bocoa extract, on the other hand, also promotes this effect. Oat sugars then make it possible to smooth the skin surface more evenly, while hyaluronic acid contributes to long-lasting hydration. Finally, since nothing alters the skin more than external aggressions, Clarins has incorporated an exclusive anti-pollution complex into the formula of its Multiregenerating Day Cream for Dry Skin.

Multiregenerating dry skin day cream, an everyday ally

In other words, the Multiregenerating Day Cream for Dry Skin allows to lift, firm and regenerate the skin with a simple application. Its results are immediately visible and day after day the skin sees its firmness reinforced and its elasticity sublimated. This product visibly firms the face and significantly reduces wrinkles and expression lines. Thus, the oval is reshaped and the beauty of the features is highlighted. For more visible results, Multiregenerating Dry Skin Day Cream should be used daily on dry skin. It is essential to apply from the age of 40. This day cream ensures optimal comfort and will undoubtedly contribute to your immediate beauty treatment.