Clarins – Mission Perfection Serum

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum
Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

Discover the new Clarins serum for a blemish-free complexion, perfectly even from morning to night

Mission Perfection Serum

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The anti-dark spot & light serum, for a radiant, unified and flawless complexion, while preserving your natural complexion. It is aimed at all women, of all skin tones and all skin types. Its universal shade adapts to all skin tones, indeed the coral shade is the reference shade for professional make-up artists to blur color disparities and wake up dull complexions.

Actions – Mission Perfection Serum

It reduces pigment spots and brings a double light action to your skin. Indeed it brings radiance and revives dull complexions thanks to an in-depth biological action. It instantly illuminates your complexion thanks to an optical effect due to light diffusing pigments & blemish killers.

Result – Mission Perfection Serum

Immediately your complexion is brighter, radiant with beauty. Day after day the tasks are blurred. Your skin regains its freshness and radiance. Your complexion is unified while preserving the beauty of your natural complexion.

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