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Clarins Doux Foaming Cleanser Combination or Oily Skin

Clarins Doux Foaming Cleanser Combination or Oily Skin
Clarins Doux Foaming Cleanser Combination or Oily Skin

European leader in high-end beauty treatments, the Clarins brand was created in 1954 under the leadership of Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The time is then for the liberation of bodies and spirits. It is a revolution that Jacques Courtin will lead by affirming to women “Yes, you are beautiful! “. Its concept of developing beauty products using only natural plant extracts is proving a real success. If the Clarins brand is known worldwide, it continues to manufacture its products exclusively in France, remaining faithful to its original approach. Here, Clarins presents its “Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combination or Oily Skin”.


Clarins Doux Foaming Cleanser Combination or Oily Skin, its action and benefits

The Clarins Gentle cleanser ensures perfect cleansing by eliminating impurities and sebaceous secretions as well as dead cells that clog the pores of the skin. As a result, it refines the skin texture. The Gentle Cleanser also neutralizes the drying effects of hard water. Your Clarins cleanser helps preserve the balance and comfort of all skin types. Indeed, your skin is perfectly cleansed by a generous and soft foam, mainly thanks to the pulp of tamarind, which is eliminated in contact with fresh water. As gentle as milk, and as effective as soap, your “Soft Foaming Cleanser” adapts to the needs of combination or oily skin. Its airy foam is eliminated with water and will neutralize the drying effects of limestone. Clarins “Gentle Foaming Cleanser” contains many active ingredients. Gypsophila extract helps in the formation of a fine and light cleansing foam. The polymnia helps to preserve the flora that protects the skin. Cotton kernel softens the skin. Tamarind pulp refines the skin texture of seborrheic areas. Finally, the purifying microbeads cleanse the epidermis in depth.


Our advice for use: Clarins Doux Foaming Cleanser Combination or Oily Skin

In order to obtain all the benefits of your mild Clarins cleanser, it is recommended to lather a knob of the product in your hands. Then massage the face and neck with light circular movements, avoiding the eye area. Finally, rinse thoroughly, with cool water in the morning and lukewarm water in the evening, for a radiant complexion of beauty.
Clarins “Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combination or Oily Skin” offers many benefits thanks to its active ingredients. With its fine and cleansing foam, the gentle cleanser eliminates sebum and purifies your skin, preparing it, at the same time, to receive your makeup.