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Carita The Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold

Carita The Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold
Carita The Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold

Over time, our skin loses elasticity and firmness. This loss of volume, combined with the appearance of wrinkles, and the loss of density, considerably accentuates the aging of the skin of the face. The loss of volume is very common with age and alters the structure of the entire face. General aging of the skin begins between the ages of 25 and 30. It gradually changes the appearance and texture of your skin. Fine lines appear first, followed by deeper wrinkles. To face the signs of the time, Carita presents her Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold.

Carita The Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold, all you have to do is sleep …

The 3 Gold Night Mask is a real richness that wraps and revitalizes your face in an intense way. Your Carita Night Mask will help your skin to regenerate intensely while you sleep. Here, it is the power of the 3 gold complex, an exclusive alloy born from the meeting of pure mineral, vegetable and biological gold, which acts. The mineral gold helps the skin to reflect light better to make it even more radiant. 24-carat real gold, a pure mineral, is associated with mother-of-pearl, gold in color, which allows light to be reflected. Vegetable gold protects the skin from free radicals in order to preserve its youth. Vegetable gold, with its richness in crocin, carotenoids with remarkable antioxidant properties, will protect your skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, while lastingly preserving your youthfulness. Finally, organic gold defends the skin against photo-induced aging. Its exceptional formula is completed with ultra-targeted active ingredients such as Albizia extract (which promotes the skin’s natural detoxification systems), Wu Zhu Yue extract (which activates the skin’s microcirculation to give a luminous hold. ), Pongamia oil (which provides comfort, intense nutrition and UVA / UVB protection), and Sodium Bio Hyaluronate (which is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for deep hydration).The Perfect 3 Gold Night Mask is an exceptional treatment . It literally infuses your skin from dusk to dawn to help it fight sagging. At the same time, it will fill all your wrinkles and restore all its radiance to your face.

Beauty Rituals Perfect Night Mask 3 Gold

It is advisable to apply your Carita Mask once or twice a week in the evening, in a thin layer on the perfectly cleansed face, using the spatula or the fingertip. Leave on for 10 minutes, then massage gently in order to penetrate the excess if necessary. You can complete the action of your Carita Mask with treatments from the Progressive Anti-Aging Global range.

The Perfect 3 Gold Night Mask is a truly exceptional treatment. Thanks to the perfect combination of its 3 golds, your Carita mask fills your wrinkles overnight. When you wake up, your skin is surprisingly smooth and plumped up.