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Carita Progressive Neomorphosis Jelly peeling mask

Carita Progressive Neomorphosis Jelly peeling mask
Carita Progressive Neomorphosis Jelly peeling mask

The Carita brand has been on the market since 1946 and since then it has stood out by being a true luxury cosmetics brand . Originally, the sisters Carita, Rosy and Maria, daring and with a “strong” character. Together, they develop the concept of “global beauty”. In addition to the possibility of being pampered from head to toe, Mesdemoiselles Carita offered a tailor-made service, which was a real revolution for the time. Carita cosmetics are intended for the face, hair and body. A fluid, light and modern range. Here, Carita presents “Progressive Néomorphose Masque Gelée Peeling”.

Carita Progressive Néomorphose Jelly Peeling Mask, the importance and benefits of a peeling mask

The objective of a peel is to remove dead cells, and also to regenerate the skin. The peeling mask is for all those who have a dull complexion and who wish to regain a skin full of health. It is a treatment that gives a boost. It does the job of a scrub and a peel to provide skin “like new”. Developed by Emmmanuelle Foucaud, first-hand Carita, this peeling mask, inspired by treatments carried out in the cabin, can be reproduced at home, and has been specially designed to accompany the action of products in the “Progressive Neomorphosis” range. Carita “Progressive Néomorphose Jelly Peeling Mask” is all the keratolytic power of hydrovance, slipped into a moisturizing jelly that offers an ultra-fresh complexion, the most comfortable skin, as well as a velvety feel. Enriched with hepes, your Carita peeling mask perfectly regulates your pH to eliminate imperfections and dead cells, thus accelerating the renewal of your skin. After only 10 minutes of break, you will find a glowing skin of health. It rinses easily with water and will reveal a fresh, even, and perfectly smooth complexion. Your face is really hydrated, transformed, while the complexion regains all its radiance.

Carita Progressive Néomorphose Jelly Peeling Mask, application advice

Distribute a knob of mask by pressure points on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Then spread in a thick layer with upward smoothing movements from the center to the outside of your face. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. For optimal removal, use damp cottons. The Carita peeling mask is suitable for all skin types. Available in a 75 ml tube, your Carita care bottle soberly sports an elegant white color.

Carita “Progressive Néomorphose Jelly Peeling Mask” is a treatment from the “Progressive Néomorphose” range. Its moisturizing jelly offers you incredible freshness. In addition, your face regains a luminous and radiant complexion.