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Carita Eau Lactée Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips

Carita Eau Lactée Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips
Carita Eau Lactée Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips

The Carita house is the symbol of beauty. It is even said that the Carita sisters, at the origin of the brand, invented the profession of “beauty designer”. Because they have reconciled science and nature, the Carita sisters imagine the importance of galenics and always push the active ingredients to the heart of the skin even further. With this new vision, the Carita brand has been a reflection of feminine beauty since 1956. The “Beauty Fluid 14” or even the “renovator” carried out in the brand’s early years, have made Carita a great beauty brand.

The characteristics and benefits of Carita Milky Cleansing Water

Milky water perfectly removes impurities and makeup from the face and eyes. Gently, your milky water gets rid of makeup and its residues in one application. The secret of milk water lies in its active ingredients. Indeed, ”  Carita Milky Cleansing Water Is composed of peppermint extracts. The latter is known to soothe and fade any redness on the face. Your cleansing lotion also contains cotton plant cells. They strengthen your immune system. It also contains cosmetic oils which disperse their pigments gently for perfect makeup removal. Finally, your Milky Water contains bio hyaluronate which will hydrate your face. Its soothing and moisturizing properties will thus promote a uniform and luminous complexion. Its original texture between milk and water offers a real moment of pleasure that oscillates between softness and freshness.

Carita Milky Cleansing Water, advice for use

It is recommended to place a dab of milky water on a damp cotton ball, morning and evening to cleanse and refresh your skin, even when you are not wearing makeup. Be careful, because Milky Water does not rinse. “Carita Milky Cleansing Water” is applied to the face and eyes. It is suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Its pump bottle allows you to place the necessary quantity on the cotton without spilling any products. Its all-white appearance evokes the purity and sobriety of this Milky Cleansing Water. Its all-white packaging looks like its bottle.

Carita Milky Cleansing Water removes all impurities and makeup. Thanks to its active ingredients, Milky Water will leave your skin soft and perfectly hydrated.