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Capture Totale CELL Energy by Dior, the best for your skin

Capture Totale CELL Energy by Dior, the best for your skin
Capture Totale CELL Energy by Dior, the best for your skin

Capture Totale CELL Energy by Dior, the best flowers at the service of your skin youth

Dior continues to develop its cosmetic products, with the aim of lastingly enhancing your beauty. However, his research led him to new discoveries: the importance of skin mother cells to preserve the youth of the skin. To revive their natural mechanisms, La Maison Dior has decided to use the power of four flowers and to create an assortment of exceptional treatments. This is how the Capture Totale CELL Energy range was born. Respectful of the skin as well as of nature, this is a new eco-responsible cosmetic line, essentially made from natural raw materials, and showing exceptional results.

Dior’s studies on skin mother cells

Did you know: the skin is made up of 0.2% cells capable of revitalizing all the others. These are the skin mother cells. They are what accelerate the regeneration of the skin and preserve its firmness, suppleness and uniformity. However, if these cells are few, their efficiency also decreases with age. From then on, their extraordinary power gradually diminishes and this is how the skin ages. When the skin matures, the skin mother cells lose about 50% of their energy potential. For 20 years, Dior worked on this subject in order to find a formula capable of relaunching these mechanisms. This is how the Capture Totale CELL Energy range was born, decoding the powers of four unique flowers,

The Capture Totale CELL Energy range, natural cosmetics

By choosing to use flowers and natural ingredients to make its formulas, Dior has opted for natural cosmetics that respect your skin and our planet. In this case, Capture Totale CELL Energy skincare products are composed of 91% of ingredients of natural origin. The four flowers used here are peony, Madagascar longoza, white lily and jasmine. Each one is cultivated in the preserved gardens of Dior, while being guaranteed without pesticides or without the use of chemical fertilizers. Their growth is therefore slower, which also allows them to display a higher content of protective active ingredients. Each flower contributes in its own way to the preservation of your skin, through three soothing and very comfortable sensory formulas. Actively fighting in favor of environmental protection, Gisèle Bündchen appears here as the ambassador of the Capture Totale CELL Energy range from Dior and is full of praise for these products: brand like Dior making such a decision is going to have a huge impact, and I am proud to be part of such a project ”. Far from wanting to stop there, Dior is even considering new ways to reformulate each of its bestsellers, through the use of organic cosmetic products, more suited to consumer expectations and more respectful of nature. “We would have been asked for the same effort three years ago, we would not have succeeded, because the manufacturers of raw materials did not have the appropriate active ingredients in stock,” underlines Brigitte Noé, director of the R&D formulation laboratory at LVMH. Research. Each actor in the chain changes his approach. The whole industry is changing ”. The Capture Totale CELL Energy range is therefore only the first chapter of this transformation within the Dior house.

The different products from the Capture Totale CELL Energy range

The Capture Totale CELL Energy range includes three main products: a global anti-aging serum, a rich and rejuvenating cream, as well as a formula specifically dedicated to the eyes. Generally speaking, their operation is the same. Each of these treatments is based on the use of the four plants mentioned above, the objective of which is to revive the activation of your skin mother cells, while forming a protective shield on the surface of your skin.

 Capture Totale CELL Energy cream
Capture Totale CELL Energy cream


• Capture Totale CELL Energy cream is applied to the entire face. Acting on the loss of firmness and the correction of wrinkles, it offers spectacular results from the first week of application. In just seven days, 98% of its users find their skin noticeably smoother. After a month of application morning and evening on the face, its power is further increased. 100% of women find their complexion more even. 97% of them say their skin is more toned.



Care for the eyes
Care for the eyes


•    Le soin pour le regard, quant à lui, est spécifiquement conçu pour s’adapter à cette zone particulière du visage. En effet, la peau du contour de l’œil est en moyenne cinq fois plus fine que celle des autres parties de notre corps. Elle est également plus fragile car elle est très pauvre en glandes sébacées et sudoripares. Elle a donc grand besoin d’un soin spécifique. C’est donc là qu’intervient le soin pour le regard Capture Totale CELL Energy de Dior. Jour après jour, il gomme les brands du temps, du stress et de la fatigue. En un mois d’application, il améliore de 11 % l’aspect lisse de la peau, tout en augmentant de 12 % sa fermeté. Les rides, quant à elles, sont réduites de 12 % sur le contour de l’œil.


Capture Totale CELL Energy lotion-serum
lotion-sérum Capture Totale CELL Energy


•    Enfin, la lotion-sérum Capture Totale CELL Energy de Dior affiche une plus forte concentration de d’actifs et aide la peau à retrouver durablement toute sa souplesse et sa luminosité. Là encore, les résultats sont sans appel : en à peine sept jours d’application quotidienne, 92 % des femmes affirme que leur peau est rééquilibrée. Après un mois, 88 % d’entre elles la trouvent plus éclatante, et 85 % des utilisatrices estiment que leur surface cutanée est plus tonique qu’auparavant.


Pour offrir une meilleure absorption de ce produit à votre peau, Dior vous recommande de bien la nettoyer avant chaque application. Pour cela, la gamme Capture Totale CELL Energy contient aussi un nettoyant doux et haute performance. Ainsi débarrassé des excès de sébum, de peaux mortes ou de transpiration, votre épiderme affiche une meilleure absorption des soins que vous lui apportez. Les effets des produits Capture Totale CELL Energy sont alors décuplés. Par ailleurs, chaque formule de ces soins contient un vecteur nouvelle génération augmentant l’assimilation de la peau de 30 %. Ainsi, tout est mis en œuvre pour préserver votre jeunesse cutanée plus durablement. La gamme Capture Totale CELL Energy est un véritable élixir de jouvence !