Biotherm Biocils Waterproof Express Eye Make-up Remover

Biotherm Biocils Waterproof Express Eye Make-up Remover
Biotherm Biocils Waterproof Express Eye Make-up Remover

The Biotherm brand was created in 1952 and quickly became a beauty brand with incomparable products. Indeed, after biological research, Biotherm decides to incorporate thermal plankton in all its products, in order to offer a unique and unprecedented efficiency. The plankton of life then becomes an ingredient with a unique signature with exceptional properties for the skin, regenerating, protective, fortifying and smoothing. An ingredient captured today thanks to Fermogenesis, a fermentation process resulting from biotechnology. Here, Biotherm presents “Biocils Waterproof Express Eye Make-up Remover”.


The actions and benefits of Biocils Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover Express Biotherm

“Biocils Waterproof Démaquillant” is a two-phase solution which instantly and gently removes all waterproof make-up, without leaving a greasy film. This solution contains an oily phase which facilitates the removal of pigments and removes the most resistant mascaras and make-up, as well as an aqueous phase comprising a cleaning agent, nonionic to perfect the make-up removal. As a result, your face is clean and free of all traces of makeup. Your eyes are perfectly cleansed with an impression of infinite softness. You should know that the two-phase formula is light and non-greasy. It is suitable for sensitive eyes as well as those who wear contact lenses, as it has been tested under ophthalmologist supervision. “Biocils Waterprooof” contains volatile silicone oils, a mild nonionic cleaning agent,

Biocils Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Express Biotherm, advice for use

To remove make-up from your eyes, it is advisable to shake the bottle before each use to mix the two phases. Then apply it to a dry cotton ball and gently pass it over the eyelids and lashes. Your Biotherm makeup remover does not require rinsing. The make-up remover bottle is elegant and all glass. Its transparency gives a glimpse of the color of the two phases, an ultra-luminous ocean blue. The bottle is available in 100 and 125 ml.

Biocils Waterproof Express Eye Make-up Remover Biotherm is the make-up remover that gently removes all traces of water-resistant make-up. Thanks to its two-phase solution, it brings care and softness. Your eyes and face then breathe health.